Summer garden

The dream to find your knight is priceless.
The dream to see your love in white is perfect.
The dream to share your love for the world is incomparable.
A dream is to happen this under the Stars, a dream is to be near the Sea, a dream is to have the breeze for a witness.
Briz 2 Hotel Varna offers:


Summer garden of hotel Briz 2 Varna has the capacity to accommodate up to 100 guests under the main covered terrace and there is also a possibility for installing of an additional tents around the pool in case your wedding has a large number of guests.

Restaurant Briz 2 offers four-course menu including:

  • Salad;
  • Appetizer;
  • Main dish;
  • Dish after the main meal;
  • Mineral water;
  • Soft drinks;

* Option for choosing of wedding menu, as the price of cover charge varies between 30.00-35.00 BGN.

Restaurant Briz 2 allows bringing of alcoholic drinks, no fees and rents, providing cooling and stacking them on the tables for guests;

Wedding lasts for 5 hours, then each hour is paid 100.00 BGN (overtime per hour);

After 11:45 p.m. the sound of music shall meet the standards of compliance with public order;

Briz 2 Hotel organizes a wedding ceremony before the wedding;

Briz 2 Varna will help you with your choice of photo and video shooting and musical and artistic program;

Summer garden of hotel and restaurant Briz 2 Varna

Summer garden of hotel Briz 2 Varna

Summer garden of restaurant Briz 2 Varna

Summer garden of hotel and restaurant Varna

Briz 2 Hotel gives a bridal suite for the wedding night, a room for the best man and offers preferential rates of accommodation for the wedding guests;

Restaurant Briz 2 offers a complete decoration of the wedding hall:

* Formal Bridal table for four or eight people, decoration with pearls, candlesticks and vases, white drapes and veils, white covers and ribbons in custom color.

* Making a back on the table;

* Opportunity for dressing the table with lace;

Arrangement of tables for the guests:

* Vases of fresh flowers

* White covers and ribbons in custom color

* Boxes along the table in custom color

* Arranging of white cloth napkins

* White path decorated with flowers

* Sags and veils of a column and ceiling

* Entrance of the wedding hall with veils and columns