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For six years already, we are pleased to work together with our colleagues from Pertito in order to offer to you the most attractive product on the wedding market in Varna



Restaurant BRIZ 2 and PERTITO

Top offers by wedding restaurant Briz 2

*Restaurant Briz 2 offers four-course menu at price of 29.00 BGN including:

  • Salad;
  • Appetizer;
  • Main dish;
  • Dish after the main meal;
  • Mineral water;
  • Soft drinks;

* Option for choosing of wedding menu

* Restaurant Briz 2 allows bringing of alcoholic drinks, no fees and rents, providing cooling and stacking them on the tables for guests.

Wedding lasts for 5 hours, then each hour is paid as follows:

  • 50.00 BGN overtime per hour for daytime weddings
  • 75.00 BGN overtime per hour for evening weddings
  • 100.00 BGN overtime per hour for weddings in the summer garden

Top offers by wedding restaurant varna

* Briz 2 Hotel organizes the wedding ceremony before the wedding

* Briz 2 Hotel gives a bridal suite for the wedding night, a room for the best man and offers preferential rates of accommodation for the wedding guests

* Wedding Restaurant Briz 2 arranges for free a complete decoration of the wedding hall;

  • Bridal table
  • Covers for chairs /provided that the wedding is in the main indoor restaurant /
  • Ribbons and veils
  • Vases of flowers
  • Lane for the greeting

* Pertito Agency provides DJ and presenter for the wedding of price: 600.00 BGN.
** The offer is valid for all days except Saturday.